Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I guess I've been slacking

I haven’t had a chance to update in the past few days because its been pretty busy. I thought I would get a chance during the WOW maintenance yesterday but I had a ton of things to do. Luckily they are doing a hardware upgrade to my server to I can’t play this morning so I might as well do an update.

We had the best weekend ever. All the “Inside Man’s” were out again that makes 3 weeks in a row. It’s really amazing how much the 2 Blockbusters in town really suck. I get about 20 customers a weekend coming in here telling me how they have nothing and that its great that I do. The best part is those customers end up coming here first from now on.

Yesterday we had our first 2 cases of theft. The first was we found an empty case behind “Dirty Dancing” I can’t really say I am overly upset at the movie that they took but still it sucks that someone has stolen from us. The second one was a pretty clever plan actually this kid rented “MVP Baseball 06” and was late by about 6 days. When he returned it we noticed that he had taken the sticker off of 06 and put it on his copy of 05 and tried to scam it back into the store. Was rather clever, something I might have done once upon a time. Anyways I got a hold of his dad after calling every 30 minutes and explained to the dad. He found the game and brought it back for me, he was rather pissed.

This week my supplier decided to fuck up rather huge and not send me “Friends With Money”. So this morning I had to go out and buy some copies of it at Wal-Mart. It really is shocking that its $4 cheaper there then it would have been from my supplier. Guess they really did me a favor.

I think that’s all the really interesting stuff in the past few days. Business is getting better and better hopefully I will get to hire someone before next summer so I can at least enjoy my summer next year.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Video Game Movies WTF?

Last night after I got home I attempted to watch Silent Hill. I can’t watch a lot of movies in the store because of the ratings. Really anything above PG I can’t watch with all the little kids that come in here all day long. So when I go home I attempt to watch the newer movies because people constantly ask if movies are good. So last night I turned on Silent Hill and let me tell you I could only watch about the first 20 minutes and it was terrible. I don’t want to ruin the movie but this lady is taking her daughter to the town Silent Hill because she keeps talking about it in her sleep and she sleepwalks. So the mom gets the great idea to take her daughter there. The dad doesn’t want her to go so he cancels the moms’ credit cards…. Yeah there’s an idea lets cancel her credit cards so she can’t go there or even come home. Anyways it was just bad I can't think of anythign else to say about it.

I think studio’s need to realize that making a movie on a video game is like trying to make a movie about a movie. Video games aren’t just about 2 plumbers anymore they actually have a story to them and a plot. So it’s like trying to remake a movie that is only a couple years old. Even when they remake movies from over 30 years ago like Poseidon they are never as good as the original. The only exception I can think of is “The Longest Yard” and even the first remake “Mean Machine” both are way better then the Burt Reynolds original. That isn’t a video game movie though but just look at the ones that have been made starting with the first and most horrible “Super Mario Brothers” I can’t believe they actually wasted the film on that complete piece of crap. Then there is arguably the best out of the video game movies “Resident Evil” both of them weren’t horrible but were far from good. “Doom” with The Rock now there was a waste of time, it seemed like “Resident Evil” in the dark. Right now they are in the process of making a movie on the game “Halo”. With the upcoming third and final game in the series I bet the movie does pretty good, and there is a slim chance it could be decent but I’m not holding my breath.

So instead of watching “Silent Hill” I ended up watching the second season of “Grey’s Anatomy” with the ball and chain and it wasn’t bad. Not a fan of the way the season ended, but at least the acting didn’t make my eyes bleed. Think I am going to try and watch “American Haunting” tonight and if that doesn’t work out probably watch the end of “House” season 2.

I really wish I could remember some more video game movies and if they were any good but I really don’t feel like looking them up right now and I am going to go back to playing World of Warcraft.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Are girls really that dumb?

So yesterday I got the shock of a life time when 2 girls came in that were about 16 and couldn’t count out $2.85 in change.

Dumb girl 1 dumps a handful of change on the counter and says “$2.85 you count it out dumb girl 2 it’s to hard for me to do it”. Dumb girl 2 says “You’re the smarter one though I don’t think I can”. Dumb girl 1 says “I am only smarter with clothes, your smarter with numbers”.

I nearly fell out of my chair with the pure stupidity these 2 displayed. Honestly who can’t count change, I know I am the cheapest of the cheap asses and have been counting change since I could walk and take it out my parent’s piggy bank but seriously come on. These girls should be put on display with Paris Hilton at the I think I’m hot so I can be dumb as fuck and get away with it museum.

Speaking of Paris Hilton yesterday I didn’t have enough Silent Hill’s for this week so I went to the local Future Shop and picked some up along with the Madden 07’s. When I was going through the cash the obviously gay cashier started talking to me about the Paris Hilton Diary. It’s her new book that’s filled with her oh so intelligent quotes. My first question is, why the hell does Future Shop sell that? Was it part of the deal so they could sell her amazing CD? So my theory is that reading crap like that is what has ruined those 2 16 year old girls that came into my store. I guess at least they aren’t watching TV….

The other thing that really shocked my yesterday was that Just My Luck, the new Lindsay Lohan movie was my best renter… The super hot girls that work at the Wild Wing next door even came in and rented it. So is there some sort of collation between hot girls and being incredibly stupid and shallow? Not saying the 16 year olds were hot but give them a couple years and we’ll see.

So lets see how today goes maybe I will meet a smart hot girl….. right

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First Post

So I thought of doing this when I first opened but I thought I would wait a couple months to see how things were going before I started. Its actually now nearing 3 months since I opened the store and there have been some up's and down's but all in all I'm glad I decided to do this. Really who could ask for a sweeter job? I am my own boss, I get to sit here all day playing video games and watching movies. Only downside is I am not really getting paid yet.

When I opened the store one thing I really wanted to have was a great video game selection. When I was a kid I remember my local video store having a terrible selection and always wanting to go to the Evil Empire (blockbuster). So I went out and made an effort to get the best games I could find. On the advice of some other video store owners I also picked up some of the crap games. Well wouldn't you know it the crap rents. It actually rents better then the good games. Seems that kids will rent anything when they just want to play a game they never played. However since I have opened no real good games have come out just Hitman Bloodmoney and Dead Rising. I know there are a few others but those seem to be the 2 only good ones. Today madden 07 came out and I have to say I am dissapointed with the 360 version it seems to lag a bit in the menu's and in the game.

So far this town seems to be a little strange TV shows don't really seem to rent at all besides 24 and Chappelle's show. Used movie sales seem to change month to month but really aren't that great. What is really strange is the movies that get rented alot. V for Vendetta was a big dud it seemed here, however people have gone insane for RV. Silent hill and Poseidon come out today so we'll have to see how those go. I haven't had a chance to watch either yet but my hopes really aren't high for either.

I am going to try and update this a fair bit seeing as all I do is play world of warcraft and really need to try and do something besides that.