Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Are girls really that dumb?

So yesterday I got the shock of a life time when 2 girls came in that were about 16 and couldn’t count out $2.85 in change.

Dumb girl 1 dumps a handful of change on the counter and says “$2.85 you count it out dumb girl 2 it’s to hard for me to do it”. Dumb girl 2 says “You’re the smarter one though I don’t think I can”. Dumb girl 1 says “I am only smarter with clothes, your smarter with numbers”.

I nearly fell out of my chair with the pure stupidity these 2 displayed. Honestly who can’t count change, I know I am the cheapest of the cheap asses and have been counting change since I could walk and take it out my parent’s piggy bank but seriously come on. These girls should be put on display with Paris Hilton at the I think I’m hot so I can be dumb as fuck and get away with it museum.

Speaking of Paris Hilton yesterday I didn’t have enough Silent Hill’s for this week so I went to the local Future Shop and picked some up along with the Madden 07’s. When I was going through the cash the obviously gay cashier started talking to me about the Paris Hilton Diary. It’s her new book that’s filled with her oh so intelligent quotes. My first question is, why the hell does Future Shop sell that? Was it part of the deal so they could sell her amazing CD? So my theory is that reading crap like that is what has ruined those 2 16 year old girls that came into my store. I guess at least they aren’t watching TV….

The other thing that really shocked my yesterday was that Just My Luck, the new Lindsay Lohan movie was my best renter… The super hot girls that work at the Wild Wing next door even came in and rented it. So is there some sort of collation between hot girls and being incredibly stupid and shallow? Not saying the 16 year olds were hot but give them a couple years and we’ll see.

So lets see how today goes maybe I will meet a smart hot girl….. right


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