Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First Post

So I thought of doing this when I first opened but I thought I would wait a couple months to see how things were going before I started. Its actually now nearing 3 months since I opened the store and there have been some up's and down's but all in all I'm glad I decided to do this. Really who could ask for a sweeter job? I am my own boss, I get to sit here all day playing video games and watching movies. Only downside is I am not really getting paid yet.

When I opened the store one thing I really wanted to have was a great video game selection. When I was a kid I remember my local video store having a terrible selection and always wanting to go to the Evil Empire (blockbuster). So I went out and made an effort to get the best games I could find. On the advice of some other video store owners I also picked up some of the crap games. Well wouldn't you know it the crap rents. It actually rents better then the good games. Seems that kids will rent anything when they just want to play a game they never played. However since I have opened no real good games have come out just Hitman Bloodmoney and Dead Rising. I know there are a few others but those seem to be the 2 only good ones. Today madden 07 came out and I have to say I am dissapointed with the 360 version it seems to lag a bit in the menu's and in the game.

So far this town seems to be a little strange TV shows don't really seem to rent at all besides 24 and Chappelle's show. Used movie sales seem to change month to month but really aren't that great. What is really strange is the movies that get rented alot. V for Vendetta was a big dud it seemed here, however people have gone insane for RV. Silent hill and Poseidon come out today so we'll have to see how those go. I haven't had a chance to watch either yet but my hopes really aren't high for either.

I am going to try and update this a fair bit seeing as all I do is play world of warcraft and really need to try and do something besides that.


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