Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I guess I've been slacking

I haven’t had a chance to update in the past few days because its been pretty busy. I thought I would get a chance during the WOW maintenance yesterday but I had a ton of things to do. Luckily they are doing a hardware upgrade to my server to I can’t play this morning so I might as well do an update.

We had the best weekend ever. All the “Inside Man’s” were out again that makes 3 weeks in a row. It’s really amazing how much the 2 Blockbusters in town really suck. I get about 20 customers a weekend coming in here telling me how they have nothing and that its great that I do. The best part is those customers end up coming here first from now on.

Yesterday we had our first 2 cases of theft. The first was we found an empty case behind “Dirty Dancing” I can’t really say I am overly upset at the movie that they took but still it sucks that someone has stolen from us. The second one was a pretty clever plan actually this kid rented “MVP Baseball 06” and was late by about 6 days. When he returned it we noticed that he had taken the sticker off of 06 and put it on his copy of 05 and tried to scam it back into the store. Was rather clever, something I might have done once upon a time. Anyways I got a hold of his dad after calling every 30 minutes and explained to the dad. He found the game and brought it back for me, he was rather pissed.

This week my supplier decided to fuck up rather huge and not send me “Friends With Money”. So this morning I had to go out and buy some copies of it at Wal-Mart. It really is shocking that its $4 cheaper there then it would have been from my supplier. Guess they really did me a favor.

I think that’s all the really interesting stuff in the past few days. Business is getting better and better hopefully I will get to hire someone before next summer so I can at least enjoy my summer next year.


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