Thursday, August 24, 2006

Video Game Movies WTF?

Last night after I got home I attempted to watch Silent Hill. I can’t watch a lot of movies in the store because of the ratings. Really anything above PG I can’t watch with all the little kids that come in here all day long. So when I go home I attempt to watch the newer movies because people constantly ask if movies are good. So last night I turned on Silent Hill and let me tell you I could only watch about the first 20 minutes and it was terrible. I don’t want to ruin the movie but this lady is taking her daughter to the town Silent Hill because she keeps talking about it in her sleep and she sleepwalks. So the mom gets the great idea to take her daughter there. The dad doesn’t want her to go so he cancels the moms’ credit cards…. Yeah there’s an idea lets cancel her credit cards so she can’t go there or even come home. Anyways it was just bad I can't think of anythign else to say about it.

I think studio’s need to realize that making a movie on a video game is like trying to make a movie about a movie. Video games aren’t just about 2 plumbers anymore they actually have a story to them and a plot. So it’s like trying to remake a movie that is only a couple years old. Even when they remake movies from over 30 years ago like Poseidon they are never as good as the original. The only exception I can think of is “The Longest Yard” and even the first remake “Mean Machine” both are way better then the Burt Reynolds original. That isn’t a video game movie though but just look at the ones that have been made starting with the first and most horrible “Super Mario Brothers” I can’t believe they actually wasted the film on that complete piece of crap. Then there is arguably the best out of the video game movies “Resident Evil” both of them weren’t horrible but were far from good. “Doom” with The Rock now there was a waste of time, it seemed like “Resident Evil” in the dark. Right now they are in the process of making a movie on the game “Halo”. With the upcoming third and final game in the series I bet the movie does pretty good, and there is a slim chance it could be decent but I’m not holding my breath.

So instead of watching “Silent Hill” I ended up watching the second season of “Grey’s Anatomy” with the ball and chain and it wasn’t bad. Not a fan of the way the season ended, but at least the acting didn’t make my eyes bleed. Think I am going to try and watch “American Haunting” tonight and if that doesn’t work out probably watch the end of “House” season 2.

I really wish I could remember some more video game movies and if they were any good but I really don’t feel like looking them up right now and I am going to go back to playing World of Warcraft.


Anonymous Chris said...

Yeah - most video game movies don't really appeal to me that much - probably because most of the time they're made by a "budding" director, or they simply thought they could cash in on the popularity of the game.

Still, there are a few good video game movies. They're mostly good because they actually try to tell a story within the world of the game, instead of try and re-write it the way they wanted it to be.
Things like Finaly Fantasy - Advent Children.
Also, I have high hopes for the new WoW movie they announced. If theyre as entertaining as the novels and they manage to sell the world, then It'll definately be added to the good list :)

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