Friday, September 01, 2006

Please Please Please Rain

Well another Labour day is upon us which means 3 things, kids going back to school, the summer is ending, and everyone goes to their god damn cottages. Right now I am sitting here looking at weather reports hoping for it to piss rain this weekend. God I love it when I get a rainy weekend. A long rainy weekend would be just awesome.

I got stuck opening a lot of copies of “The Sentinel” because they came as a package deal. I just hope it rains and its busy here so they all get rented. It’s actually a pretty good movie, I thought it was going to be a lot dryer then it was. The other real movie of the weekend is “Take the Lead” is has Antonio Banderas in it…. The girls will love it but it’s just terrible really. Oh boy lets watch kids from the Gheto learn to ballroom dance.

So 2 new TV series came out this week “Arrested Development season 3” and so did “Desperate Housewives season 2”. Neither has rented at all. I watched “Arrested Development” in the store just because its funny and I love the show but even then people aren’t renting it. However “House season 2” is renting like crazy I think it’s because season 3 starts on Tuesday. I am looking forward to it because I got hooked on the show over the summer.

Now on to the excitement of yesterday. Some little 10 year old was in here with his sister looking at movies and I can hear them walking around talking about all these movies they have seen. Stuff like “The Hills Have Eyes”, “Silent Hill”, “Final Destination 3” and so on. Then they come up to the counter with “Evil Breed” it’s kind of a horror movie with Jenna Jamison. It’s really an excuse to watch her run around and get naked. So these kids really think they are gonna be able to rent this and when I tell them “No go get something rated PG” the little brat gives me attitude. Seriously what parents really let their 10 year olds watch anything. I think my parents were pretty good with letting me watch stuff as a kid but that’s just insane.

Anyways everyone please pray for rain this weekend.